In order to achieve the Röhm business objectives, Procurement provide and ensure as global functional team of the Methacrylate Verbund its experienced sourcing-excellence by effective processes and linking knowledge with leading suppliers and service providers.

Highest priority is set on a secured and safe supply of all goods and services for the Methacrylate Verbund. With our reliable suppliers we strive to develop and approach new sourcing-markets and -solution in order to minimize efforts and avoidable cost. The fulfillment of our ESHQ- (Environment, Safety, Health, Quality) and Compliance values is seen as standard in a business relationship with Röhm and are pillars of the Procurement Strategy/-Sustainability endeavor.

Preconditions for suppliers and contractors

We insist on performance in sustainable-sourcing and to meet our general terms and conditions (General Terms and Conditions of Purchase)

Compliance with the cross-sector BME-Code of Conduct for Contractors and Suppliers (BME-Code of Conduct for Contractors and Suppliers) is mandatory for Röhm’s contractors and suppliers worldwide – or produced their own comparable code of conduct.

Product information (Safety Data Sheets, Specifications, etc.) please send it by Email to:, as per. Art. 8.2. General Terms and Conditions of Purchase of Röhm GmbH.

Supplier Portal RIsource for Service-Orderprocessing in Europe and Asia

For access the Roehm Supplier Portal (dedicated supplier in Europe and Asia) please make use of the following link: